Our Relationships

Richland is a diversified real estate investment company with vast expertise in land acquisition, entitlement and community design.

Richland has created a wide array of successful developments in 4 states over the company’s 40+ years in existence and is well positioned for this cycle with over 40,000 single family lots and several million feet of office, retail, and industrial in different stages of development.

What our clients say

CBRE National Partners

"We have had the pleasure of working with the Richland team flawlessly on the Buy and Sell side for nearly a decade now. They have quickly become well known in the industrial space for their ability to navigate complicated entitlements and will be a significant provider of entitled land for years to come across many regions"

Rebecca Perlmutter Executive Vice President at CBRE

Province West Land Brokerage

"Richland is an internally financed real estate investment platform composed of a team of professionals with experience operating in all market conditions, across multiple asset classes, and within a variety of geographies. Uniquely capitalized with key decision makers integrated into all aspects of the business, the firm has the ability to rapidly evaluate opportunity, adapt, and execute - consistently demonstrating skill in converting vision into value."

Dan McDonough Owner, Province West Land Brokerage

The Hoffman Company Land Brokerage

“Richland has evolved into one of the largest and most successful land developers in California. We’ve had the pleasure of representing Richland as both a buyer and seller of multiple real estate asset classes throughout our 25+ years working together. Richland’s executive team consistently performs on schedule solving complex issues to enhance land use and value”

Norman Scheel Owner, The Hoffman Company

Land Advisors Organization

"Richland is an industry leader because of its great team and decades of experience. They can act quickly and decisively due to their streamlined decision making and unique capitalization."

Tony Eaton President, Land Advisors Organization