what others say about us

Richland has been a great community partner. In proposing the River Park project, they’ve listened carefully to and acted upon the input of our residents. I’ve been impressed with and am very appreciative of its support for numerous West Sacramento programs that are important to our residents. The Richland team has demonstrated in a very tangible way its strong commitment to corporate citizenship and it has had a very positive impact on our city.

Oscar Villegas
Mayor Pro Tem, City of West Sacramento

community impact
Richland has been very generous to the Boys and Girls Club with financial donations. Jack Bray has been a member of the national Boys and Girls Club’s Jeremiah Milbank Society, our honorary group for particularly generous donors. But more importantly, Richland assigned one of its vice presidents to join our Board. He started at a particularly dire time for the Club and quickly became a trusted working member of our management team. He worked hard and provided critical leadership. Over the last seven years our Club has experienced a major turnaround. Richland’s financial contributions and sweat equity significantly contributed to this great result.

Tammy Walz
Chief Professional Officer, Oceanside Boys and Girls Club

environmental benefit
The California Department of Conservation, the City of Lathrop and Richland’s project is an excellent example of how state and local government can work with the development community to benefit Californians. Meeting urban needs can sometimes become complicated and contentious when farmland conversion is at stake. But in this case, all of the parties involved benefited. It’s a win-win project. Richland’s use of the Easement Exchange Program providing for the dedication of nearly 1,000 acres to the Central Valley Farmland Trust deserves a great deal of credit for doing things the right way. They’ve established the standard for future situations like this.

Mike Chrisman
Secretary for Resources, State of California

Economic Growth
When Richland proposed the Highland project, Roseville was a growing community but its economic engine was not yet fully revved. It was an ambitious, large-scale plan that we knew would take a highly capable organization to execute. Now that the project is nearly built out, it’s clear that it has played a central role in Roseville’s tremendous economic growth. With the mall, a variety of housing types and a strong job center, the Highland project has been a major contributor to the overall economic health of the city.

Al Johnson
City Manager, 1988-2003, Roseville, California