Richland has a long history of real estate investment throughout Texas, with the most active period being the Resolution Trust Corp (RTC) days of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Richland has operated in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, with investments ranging from freeway frontage retail projects to large, planned communities.


      Richland has a long history of investment throughout Central Florida. Throughout the 1980’s Richland developed several thousand acres of residential and commercial land, including assets such as Southchase and Maitland Summit in Orlando, and Calusa Trace in Tampa. Operated out of its Florida headquarters in downtown Tampa, Richland currently has over 7,000 lots at various stages throughout the Tampa/Orlando region.


      Richland entered the Nevada market in late 2012 buying a number of distressed assets from lenders in the Henderson area. To date Richland has sold one of the assets to a public homebuilder and plans to continue to sell off the remaining 500+ lots to builders over the next few years while pursuing additional land that fits their investment criteria.

      Southern California

      Richland has a long history operating in Southern CA dating back to the mid 1990’s. Although much of the current portfolio is positioned in and around the Inland Empire, today Richland has a long history of successful planned developments in almost every major county in the region. With successful investments ranging from retail and office park development in Los Angeles County to 18-hole championship golf course developments in San Diego County, Richland has proven to be well-versed in all aspects and areas of development in this region.

      Northern California

      Richland has a long history operating in Northern CA dating back to the mid 1990’s when it planned and developed the Highland Reserve Specific Plan covering 2,400 acres in Roseville. That same 2,400 acres has become several thousand homes, multiple business parks, as well as several million square feet of retail, including the Roseville Galleria Mall. 25 years later Richland has continued to expand its geographical footprint in this region, adding a second office in Walnut Creek and land holdings from the San Jose Metro to the suburbs of Sacramento.